McCarty Purchases Madrid Automotive

Aaron McCarty purchased Madrid Automotive from Roger Peterson in October of 2019. McCarty has always been interested in cars and has been working for Peterson since 1999.

While Madrid Automotive started in the 1970s, it had a different name: K-L Auto Parts. Peterson has owned the business since 1986. For a portion of these years, Madrid Automotive offered small engine repair in addition to parts sales.  MCarty is eager to carry on the tradition of excellent customer service, focusing on selling the right part for the right repair. Since he has been mentored by Peterson in the business for two decades, McCarty has the experience to help you determine what you need. If the part must be ordered, it’s available the next day. Peterson will continue to work at the store as well.

When your car breaks, it’s helpful to continue to have access to parts in town. Be sure to stop by Madrid Automotive and congratulate McCarty!

Meet a MAC Member: Madrid Automotive

Madrid Automotive Owner RogerMadrid Automotive has been a business since the 70s, first under the name K-L Auto Parts. In 1986, Roger Peterson purchased the store. It has moved locations several times throughout the years, but has been in its current location since 1998.

Roger has lived in Madrid since third grade. In 1979, he purchased a gas station from his father in-law and called it Roger’s 66. Since then, he has been owner of several auto-related businesses.

Madrid Automotive is an independently owned business with a large supply of auto parts made available to its customers. Shelves are restocked nightly, thanks to shipments that come five days a week, so customers are sure to have whatever parts they need within a day or two. The business also offers small engine repairs for items such as lawn mowers and other small pieces of equipment.

Having been the owner of the business for over thirty years, Roger remarks, “I’ve enjoyed it, or I wouldn’t still be doing it!”

Roger, on his favorite part about being a small business owner in Madrid, says “Knowing my customers’ names. I get to treat them like my neighbors, because most of them are my neighbors.”

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